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High Performance
Braided Line

Braid in the USA

Located in Erlanger, Kentucky, BBS is the last remaining domestically-owned and based manufacturer of high-performance fishing line and non-fishing line braids, such as kayak control lines, spear fishing lines and cords used in the automotive industry, specializing in producing small diameter braids of high-performance fiber. 


Complementing the production of these materials, BBS provides value-added services of secondary processing in the forms of end-use configuration, packaging, and logistical material handling.


Our Markets

What We Do

BBS manufactures small dimensional textile-based cords with high performance composite properties. Our efforts are focused on products with a specific requirement for fiber processing, placement, and polymer application.

Our expertise comes from intimate knowledge of fiber manufacturing and composite construction. As a complement to the production of these materials, we provide the value-added services of secondary processing in the forms of end-use configuration, packaging, and logistical material handling.
Our production capability includes over 1,100 braiding machines, various forms of precision winding equipment, extrusion lines, UV curing ovens, as well as other proprietary processing equipment.

Our Processes


BBS has over 1,100 braiding machines designed and manufactured by our own company and specifically developed for the efficient production of braids using low denier and delicate fibers. Our braids are produced splice free and are the highest quality in the industry. Due to the unique design of the “Braid System” designed and employed by BBS, braids are made more efficiently and accurately thereby providing our customers with the highest value.

Composite Fabrication.jpg

Composite Fabrication

Raw fibers and braids are further processed at BBS using UV curing technology specifically developed and tailored to the fiber/polymer materials being processed and the end use application. The key to successful processing of small diameter composites is the careful attention to the details of the fabric “micro/nano-architecture” and the desired performance behavior needed in the final application. BBS works to solve the cost vs. performance equation for our customers through balancing materials and processing.

Extrusion / EMF

BBS is the toll conversion processor of the EMF (Encapsulated Micro Filaments) process, patented and owned by Honeywell Performance Fibers. BBS has an exclusive license for this process and supplies this material into a number of consumer as well as industrial applications. The process, originally known as the “Fusion” process, is a unique method of high-pressure encapsulation of fibrous materials using polymers selected for the properties they provide and end use compatibility. BBS also extrudes high performance polymers for other demanding applications.

Automated systems_edited.jpg

Preparation, Packaging, and Distribution

BBS prepares and packages many of the fishing lines sold at retail outlets across North America. As a service to our customers, BBS developed and produced our own auto-winders used in the preparation of millions of spools of fishing line on an annual basis. In several cases, we source materials, prepare the product, and manage inventories as an extension of services to our customers.


BBS is the producer of braided fishing lines for FINS, as well as many other major international fishing line brands. FINS offers a full range of high-performance fishing braid in various colors and tensile strengths that offer superior performance in any situational fishing experience. 

About BBS

BBS was founded in 1995 as Berry Braiding, Inc. for the sole purpose of producing braided Spectra fishing line, Spiderwire Brand. The individuals that started the company had many years of braiding and manufacturing experience in the processing of small diameter textile products and were able to create the company from the ground up using the latest thinking in this specialized industry. The company evolved, grew, and moved into the further processing of braided products as well as development of other small diameter fiber based products.


Today, BBS processes many different materials into small diameter tensile focused applications using diverse proprietary manufacturing methods. Due to the relationship BBS has with its sister company, Diversified Composites, Inc., we also produce a number of “composite” materials using various polymers and a wide selection of high tensile fiber reinforcements. BBS Tech continues to evolve and broaden the number of applications for its products

Innovation has always been our greatest strength.



BBS Tech, Inc.

1500 Interstate Dr

Erlanger, KY 41018

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